Do you really know what you eat?

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Many people think the word ‘diet’ means cutting down on calorie intake but the word diet mainly refers to the type of food we eat. Our dietary requirements, needs and likes. So what is your diet like?

Have you ever thought of keeping a little diary for one week to see exactly what your diet is like? You may well be shocked.

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It’s usually only when you see what you eat can you understand and actually change the way you eat and it can also change the way you look at food. Remember that first and foremost food is fuel, albeit it’s also for pleasure, its first job is to keep each and every one of us healthy, to feed our body and mind and to make sure we get the right amount of nutrients which help us to grow and to learn and to prevent illness and injury to the body. Choosing the right diet is key to how we perform, look and feel.  Approximately 75% of what we eat dictates aesthetically how we look on the outside and all of it dictates our health on the inside.

How many times have you heard, ‘honestly I hardly eat a thing! I don’t know why I put on weight?’ But the reality is very different.

Many people are so sure they eat healthily and don’t understand why they carry excess weight or why they feel slovenly. Writing everything in a little book which passes your lips will surely amaze you.

Start your diary tomorrow morning and note down everything you eat, even if it’s a crisp. Just because it’s not your packet doesn’t mean to say you don’t count it. Don’t start the diary after the weekend because you are going to have a heavy eating and drinking weekend or try and ‘diet’ during this week. This is the whole reason for the diary, it’s about being honest with yourself. It’s a about a true reflection and coming to terms with your food.

There are two ways of diary keeping. You could simply write down what you eat and how much of it you eat (a slice of toast and honey, a burger, 5 crisps, 2 M&Ms etc) and keep it simple even down to the last sip of coke or bite of a biscuit.

IF you feel advanced then do five columns across the top of the page. Food - Fat/Carbs/Protein/Calories

Most of what the food contains by way of grams of fat etc can be found on the back of the packet or tin. Anything you can’t calculate such as fruit or veg you can find on the internet. If you calculate in grams (it doesn’t need to be 100% accurate) what you have had and then fill in the columns running across with these grams, you really do get a perfect insight. At the end of your day add each column up at the bottom to see how many grams of fat you have had, carbs, protein and calories during that day.

I know this sounds time consuming, but what is your health worth? And don’t forget your early morning Lattes etc from Starbucks are packed with calories. Even your tea and coffee at the office or at home during the day, every dash of milk carries calories. If it passes your lips. Calculate it!

You wont be able to calculate takeaways but you can probably get an average off the internet. Beer and wine and mixers also count.

Aren’t you curious? That extra sausage you take off your partners plate because they can’t eat it. The extra slice of toast (which is covered in butter… Yes count the butter!) The peanuts your have with your glass of wine, the oil on your salad, caesar salad dressing especially is loaded. My favourite breakfast is eggs benedict. However it may be healthy eggs and lean ham on a naked muffin but the calorific value of the sauce will shock you. You have no idea what you consume until you see it written down in front of you. Do it, I dare you! Once you see this your eyes will be opened and you will be able to understand why you aren’t taking off the weight or why you are piling the weight on.

Many people have a sweet tooth. There are many desserts you can make which include Lean Nutrition’s chocolate and strawberry protein powder from 2 minute cup cakes to an ice-cold mousse. This way you get all of the health benefits and scrumptious flavours but no concerns about packing on unwanted calories via excess carbs or fats. Having a LEAN chocolate protein shake a day gives you all the goodness without the badness.


Sarah Donohue is LEAN Nutrition's head ambassador. With experience as former body double to Angelina Jolie and as a former stuntwoman in the James Bond film The World Is Not Enough, Sarah understands the importance of nutrition and caring for your body to achieve results.




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