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If you want to diet away those unwanted pounds (lbs), but you have a sweet tooth or enjoy fast food, then don’t despair. Virtually all fitness professionals have what is called a ‘cheat day’. They stick rigorously to their healthy diet regime but once a week, they throw it out of the window and let their hair down by eating and drinking whatever they want. By doing this, they don’t become paranoid about food because they know they have that special day and better still, the calories in the cheat day helps kick start their metabolism again. Give it a go!

You know that gourmet hot drink you have in the morning at the coffee shop? Your latte dependent on size is around 400 calories. Swap back to that normal tea or coffee. Your heavenly Mochas, Vanilla Frappuccino’s and your hot chocolates are all in excess of 500 calories and don’t let the Chia tea latte kid you, coming in at a whopping 370 calories. Keep a coffee as a coffee. A large Latte is a pint of hot full fat milk with an espresso tipped inside. A healthy diet is key and calcium is a part of that diet, but an early morning latte and one again at lunchtime can only make your waistline grow!

Perky cheeks (glutes). Bridges are often overlooked or done at the end of a work out with no real effort put in. Not every lower-body exercise activates the glutes, but bridges do and if you can do this three times a week then it wont take long for you see a difference in your bum as it starts to lift. Lay on your back, knees bent, hip width apart, feet flat on floor and comfortable. Push through the heels raising your bum off the ground, squeeze glutes as you raise. With a neutral spine your knees and shoulders will be in a straight line. Weighted bridges are even better. But this is more advanced and has a different position. For this, seek a fitness professional to show you. Three sets of twenty reps whilst you watch TV! Easy…

Looking at the calories you burn on a treadmill and equating that to what you can eat is a myth. A treadmill propels the runner and its not an exact formula when it comes to readings. For the best results in burning calories whilst building a great lean body, lift weights in ‘supersets’. An hour of weights burns more calories than an hour of cardio. Super-setting is moving from one exercise to another without break thus keeping the heart rate up. Lifting weights builds muscle which builds feminine shape. Muscle burns more calories than fat even at rest, so why run when you can multi-task by super-setting weights? Both raise your heart rate and aid calories burning, but only one shapes the body whilst doing so! See a fitness professional at your gym for guidance on super-setting.


Sarah Donohue is LEAN Nutrition's head ambassador. With experience as former body double to Angelina Jolie and as a former stuntwoman in the James Bond film The World Is Not Enough, Sarah understands the importance of nutrition and caring for your body to achieve results.



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